If you saw my tweet yesterday, this is what I had front row seats to see. (My favorite things are always coming together.) 

When Jimmy said the payback remark, he was referring to Emma’s first walk on. When she first came out, Jimmy was saying how he loved her and she responded with, “I love you too. I always watch that candy corn video.” Jimmy had no idea what she was talking about. She went onto explain, “That Halloween video where you trick the kids with the candy.” Jimmy was like “Uhh that’s not me. That’s Kimmel.” She was pretty embarrassed, but it was hilarious. Jimmy was super nice about it and gave her a redo. Emma seems super chill and I can’t wait to see Perks! Ah, I need to reread the book again! If you have time, I’d watch the whole episode. Oh and there’s a new Head Swap, which if you passed by me in the city yesterday, you would have heard me singing it and most likely thought I was crazy.

Jimmy and the gang always put on a fun show. I highly suggest a visit if you’re in the city. It’s free and awesome!

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